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HOPPE eHandles for doors and windows

eHandles for doors

Convenient and secure

With keyless access options an eHandle for doors addresses and unlocks the motor lock of the door.


eHandle FingerScan for doors
eHandle FingerScan for doors
eHandle HandsFree for doors

eHandle HandsFree for doors


Great convenience

Even with your hands full: An eHandle for doors allows you to unlock the door conveniently and quickly.


• Without the hassle of searching for the key

• Without having to put anything down


Secure access

When the key to open a door is our own finger, access becomes so much more secure: unlike keys, biometric features are much harder to copy. Loosing or misplacing them is almost impossible.


Simple installation

The cable to connect the motor lock to the eHandle for doors is already pre-assembled. All you need to do is to route it to and connect it with the motor lock.

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eHandles for windows

Useful and smart

An eHandle for windows communicates its handle position to the smart home system. Depending on the system’s configuration, you can control for example heating, sun shading and air conditioning. In addition, some versions are burglary-resistant, like the eHandle SecuSignal® with locking cylinder and the eHandle AutoLock.



Simple integration in smart home systems

It only takes a few minutes to start up an eHandle for windows: just add the handle to the system using the manufacturer’s guidelines and integrate it as a new component.




Wireless range planning

Wireless signals are electromagnetic waves whose signal may be diminished on the way from the transmitter to the receiver. A detailed guideline for wireless range planning can be found in the EnOcean Application Note AN001 “Range Planning for Systems using EnOcean Radio Standard” on the website www.enocean.com.



EnOcean technology

Logo EnOceanHOPPE’s eHandles for windows use the EnOcean wireless standard, which is based on the principle of carbon-neutral energy harvesting. Many applications can be run completely battery-free with EnOcean, as the energy needed to transmit the wireless signal is generated when the window handle is moved.


•  Environmentally considerate

•  Carbon neutral

•  Sustainable

•  Convenient

•  Extremely low electronic radiation – around 100 times less than with a switch connected by cable


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