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eHandle FingerScan for Doors

eHandle FingerScan for doors – Finger, not Key

eHandle FingerScan for doors – Finger, not Key

Biometric access control is on the rise – especially in new buildings. The human finger is becoming a popular alternative to keys: By simply placing the finger on the sensor of the finger scanning module is the front door unlocked – without the need for a key, card or numerical code.

In the eHandle FingerScan for doors, the scanning module is integrated into the pull handle or the knob of the entrance door fitting, enabling the front door to be unlocked and opened in a single movement of the hand.


  • Unlocking using your finger instead of a key
    – No loss or theft of keys or key cards
    – No forgetting, no misuse of access codes
    – Only authorised persons can unlock the door
  • Intuitive and convenient operation using the ekey bionyx App
  • Many attractive shapes and finishes
  • Ergonomically positioned finger scanning module
  • Plug connector for connection to standard motorised locks
  • HOPPE brand quality

Security and convenience

Unlocking a door is a simple process: Just place the finger on the integrated scanning module. There is no need for a key, card or numerical code to gain access – all that is needed is a finger. Thanks to its special finish, no image of the fingerprint is left on the finger scanning module itself, which prevents any unauthorised copies from being made.

eHandle FingerScan for doors – Finger, not Key

Intuitive and convenient operation

The eHandle FingerScan is set up and managed with a smartphone via the ekey bionyx app. With it, you can manage access authorisations, define personalised access time slots* and unlock the door for third parties while out and about. Whenever access is granted, the administrator receives a notification; all accesses are recorded in an access log.

  • Manage up to 20 user profiles
  • 4 fingerprints per user
  • Receive access notifications
  • Remote opening of the door when out and about
  • Can be networked with smart home systems*
  • Can be controlled via voice assistant

*coming soon

Finger scanning modules from ekey biometric systems

For the eHandle FingerScan for doors, HOPPE uses modules supplied by ekey biometric systems, one of the leading finger scan solution providers in Europe.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Display of operating status, configuration steps and fingerprint recognition by means of LED segments
  • Patented finger recognition algorithm
  • High level of counterfeit protection
  • Made in Austria

Ready for operation

Teach in fingerprint

Not authorised or
not recognised


Many different designs and finishes

The eHandle FingerScan for doors is available as a knob set and in different pull handle shapes in the finishes F69 (stainless steel matt) and F9714M (black matt).

  • Security sets with knob (E86GBC): Backplate, narrow backplate, rose and escutcheon
  • Pull handles with a D-shaped cross section (E5091BC, E5092BC, E5095BC)
  • Pull handles with a rectangular cross section (E5724BC, E5726BC)
  • Pull handles with a rounded bar shape (E5061BC, E5062BC)

Technical data

  • Operating temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C
  • Protection class: eHandle for doors IP 44, controller IP 30
  • Finger scanner: capacitive fingerprint sensor
  • False acceptance rate (FAR): 1:10,000,000
  • Memory: Number of users in basic version 20 (80 fingers) max.; more users (fingers) as an optional extra
  • Operating voltage of motorised lock: 10-30V DC
  • Power consumption: max. approx. 1,3W
  • Current-carrying capacity of switch contact: max. 30V/1A
  • Switching time: 1s min./20s max.
  • Configuration/Control: ekey bionyx App
  • Product can only be used with the ekey bionyx app!

Included in scope of delivery:

  • ekey-dLine control unit
  • ekey-dLine finger scanner control unit cable

An ekey dLine plastic mounting plate is required to mount the ekey dLine control unit. Two versions and widths are available (round-cut for wooden doors, square-cut for aluminium and PVC doors). The mounting plate must be ordered separately.