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HOPPE Innovations Door Handles

HOPPE Innovations Door Handles

Increased protection and enhanced comfort – HOPPE innovations

Our hardware does much more than just open and close windows and doors. HOPPE develops in-plant solutions for increased protection and enhanced comfort based around the Handle of excellence. Find out more about our numerous innovations on the next few pages and you’ll find the right hardware for your requirements.

HOPPE innovations in brief:

Interior doors

HOPPE Sertos®

A newly designed ball locking mechanism in the handle connection does not only ensure a certified higher durability (1,000,000 test cycles!), but also has another advantage: handles with the Sertos® ball locking mechanism are not only easily installed, they are also just as easily removed.

HOPPE Quick-FitPlus

With HOPPE Quick-FitPlus, handle sets are mounted in next to no time. A few seconds is all it takes to mount door handles and flat roses. The procedure is easy and precise, with no screws required.

The HOPPE Quick-Fit

With the HOPPE Quick-Fit connection, door handles can be installed in one simple step – and to last! Just fit together – and it’s done!

HCS® – HOPPE Compact System

HCS® is a compact lock and hardware system for the home and office. It combines door fitting, lock and various closing and locking functions in a single, unique product.

Entrance doors

eHandle HandsFree for Doors

The eHandle HandsFree for doors allows you to unlock your front door even with your hands full.

eHandle FingerScan for Doors

The eHandle FingerScan for doors offers exceptionally convenient keyless access control: the scanning elements are ergonomically integrated directly into a square bar pull handle or a door pad, enabling the door to be unlocked and opened in one seamless movement.

The Mounting Module for Roses

With this module, mounting a half handle set on rose with escutcheon on the inside of entrance doors becomes considerably quicker and easier.