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HOPPE Events

Get to know us personally.
Find out more about dates for events such as trade fairs where we will participate:

Event Place Date Hall / Stand
CBD, Guangzhou Guangzhou (CN) 08.-11.07.2021   12.2 / 33
CEDIA Expo, Indianapolis Indianapolis (USA) 01.-03.09.2021   Convention Center
GlassBuild America, Atlanta Atlanta (USA) 13.-15.09.2021   World Congress Center
[email protected], Barcelona Barcelona (ES) 15.-16.09.2021
GAO BEI DIAN WIN-DOOR FESTIVAL Gao Bei Dian (CN) 21.-23.09.2021 B1 / 07
[email protected], Paris Paris (FR) 23.–24.09.2021 213
Artibat, Rennes Rennes (FR) 13.-15.10.2021 11 / A11
[email protected], Kortrijk Kortrijk (BE) 21.-22.10.2021
Fenestration BAU China, Shanghai Shanghai (CN) 02.-05.11.2021 N2 / 207
[email protected], Madrid Madrid (ES) 24.–25.11.2021
[email protected], Bordeaux Bordeaux (FR) 02.-03.12.2021 123
Fensterbau Frontale, Nürnberg Nürnberg (DE) 29.03.-01.04.2022
Nordbygg, Stockholm Stockholm (SE) 26.–29.04.2022 C
[email protected], Lyon Lyon (FR) 11.-12.05.2022 147
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