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Press release 04/2022

eHandle FingerScan for doors – finger, not key

Illustration 1: E5091BC-75NSB-ZA-PZ-F69-ekey-Motiv1a-nW-Daumen-Led-blau.jpg

Illustration 1:


  • A new generation of eHandle FingerScan for doors from HOPPE – with finger scanning modules from ekey – offers a wide range of new models and finishes.
  • The integration of the finger scanning module into the eHandle for doors allows the door to be unlocked and opened in a single movement of the hand.
  • The ekey bionyx app allows convenient control of the eHandle for doors and offers practical additional functions.

HOPPE presents the new generation of its eHandle FingerScan for doors: the finger scanning modules are now supplied by the manufacturer ekey. As before, the scanning module is ergonomically integrated into the entrance door fitting. Unlike other systems that require the use of a scanner field next to the entrance door, front doors fitted with this system can be unlocked and opened in one single hand movement – simply by placing a finger on the scanning module. No key, card or numerical code is required for access. This means there is no possibility of such means of access being lost, forgotten or passed on to unauthorised individuals.

User profiles are set up using a smartphone with the ekey bionyx app. The app enables convenient management of user profiles and offers useful additional functions, such as access notifications and the possibility to open the door remotely when out and about.

Several new models and finishes

The eHandle FingerScan for doors is available in a number of new models, which include pull handles with a rounded bar shape or rectangular cross section, as well as a knob mounted on a narrow backplate.

These are available in addition to more familiar shapes, such as pull handles with a D-shaped cross section or a variety of security handle sets with a knob on backplate or rose). HOPPE remains the only European manufacturer to offer knob sets with an integrated finger scanning module.

Illustration 2: E86GBC-3332ZA-PZ72-F69-ekey-Motiv1-nW-Led-blau.jpg

All models are available with a stainless-steel matt finish (F69) and a black matt finish (F9714M), reflecting the latest design trends.

ekey bionyx app: simple user profile management and useful additional functions

The ekey bionyx app guides the administrator conveniently and intuitively through the setup process for new users and teaching in new fingerprints. A maximum of 20 user profiles (80 fingerprints) can be programmed.

The app offers the following functions: assignment or withdrawal of access authorisations; recording of access events in a protocol and remote door opening when out and about.

Access notifications are sent to the smartphone every time to inform the administrator which person has used the eHandle FingerScan. This makes it possible to determine remotely whether, for example, a child has arrived home from school at the expected time.

Further functions of the bionyx app have been announced for the second quarter of 2022: In the future, it will be possible to integrate it in smart-home systems and to define customised access time slots.

New ekey finger scanning modules with highly reliable functionality

The finger scanning modules are supplied by the manufacturer ekey, one of the leading providers of finger scan access solutions in Europe. The modules of the new “dLine” product line are extremely user-friendly and offer highly reliable functionality. They operate reliably even in harsh climatic conditions and are designed for temperatures ranging from -25°C to +70°C.

The finger scanning module captures the features of the lines on the finger and compares them with the data stored in the reference fingerprint. According to ekey, the false acceptance rate – i.e. the probability of a person without authorisation being granted access – is 1:10,000,000, making the eHandle FingerScan for doors 1,000 times more secure than the 4-digit PIN of an EC card.

The finger scanning module has a special finish that prevents an image of the fingerprint from being left on the scanner itself, which keeps any unauthorised copies from being made. LED segments on the finger scanning module indicate the operating status, configuration steps and fingerprint recognition.

Easy installation for installers

A HOPPE eHandle FingerScan for doors is straightforward to install: all the installer has to do is make a cut-out for the control unit on the hinge side, route the pre-assembled cables from the pull handle support via the control unit to the motorised lock and connect them there.

The pull handle models of the eHandle FingerScan are fitted as usual with the tried-and-tested pull handle fixing system from HOPPE.

HOPPE Group is the European market leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales as well as marketing of architectural hardware systems for doors and windows. Founded in 1952, the company run by the owning family and based in Switzerland has more than 3,100 employees worldwide. It is led by the second generation of owners, Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe, with Christian Hoppe being the first representative of the third generation active in the business.

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