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Press release 01/2021

Locks all by itself – the eHandle AutoLock for windows

Image 1: eHandle AutoLock for windows
Image 1: eHandle AutoLock for windows
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  • Innovative convenience and protection component for smart homes and smart buildings
  • Permanently locked handle in closed position: reliable break-in protection as recommended by the German criminal investigation police
  • Encrypted communication using EnOcean Secure additionally guarantees more security in smart homes

With the eHandle AutoLock for windows HOPPE offers an innovative and sensible component for smart homes to increase convenience and security. Burglary-resistant eHandles for windows reliably lock the moment the window is closed – no need to tediously lock individual handles with keys that can be misplaced or lost. Relevant scenarios can additionally be defined using the smart home control unit that, for instance, cut the energy consumption or make life in smart homes more comfortable.

Automatically locked

The eHandle AutoLock for windows features automatic electromechanical non-keyed locking in the rosette. Like all HOPPE eHandles for windows, it transmits its changed handle position to a smart home control system each time it is actuated. A handle in closed position automatically locks – it can then only be operated if the control system issues the corresponding release for the windows to be opened. If this is the case, the window handle is unlocked and can be turned as normal. Users define the parameters for release themselves. They can find out whether the window has been enabled to open using a small push button on the rosette which then shows a green or a red light.

Break-in protection made easy

eHandles AutoLock for windows make it easier for users to implement break-in protection measures recommended by the police: since they are always locked in the closed position, there is no need to manually lock each individual window handle. The associated, often complicated key management is also a thing of the past. Once the eHandle AutoLock for windows is in closed position and thus reliably locked, it offers mechanical break-in protection as recommended by the German criminal investigation police. In combination with the appropriate window it meets the requirements of the European standards DIN EN 1627–1630 (resistance classes RC 1–6) and DIN EN 13126-3.

EnOcean Secure

The eHandle AutoLock for windows works with the EnOcean Secure wireless protocol. This means that wireless communication between the smart home control unit and the eHandle for windows is protected by AES encryption. Thanks to the cooperation with gateway provider mediola, HOPPE makes sure that the eHandle AutoLock for windows is also compatible with systems applying different wireless standards or those designed as proprietary systems.

Many relevant scenarios conceivable

Smart homes or smart buildings are usually configured using so-called scenarios, i.e. defined procedures for certain situations. Many relevant scenarios are conceivable with the eHandle AutoLock for windows, for instance allowing windows to open only if the air conditioning or heating has been switched off, or always enabling windows to open if a smoke alarm has triggered, or defining certain time frames when windows can be opened, for instance in office buildings. Beyond these scenarios it is of course also possible to define any other familiar, wirelesscontrolled window handle scenarios like automatically closing the roller shutters only if the patio door has been closed, automatically reducing the volume of electronic entertainment devices when windows are open in the evenings as well as many other individual scenarios.

The HOPPE Group is the European market leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of architectural hardware systems for doors and windows. Founded in 1952, the family-run company based in Switzerland has around 2,800 employees worldwide. It is managed by Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe in the second generation, Christian Hoppe being the first representative of the third generation to be active since 2012.

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