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Resista® – HOPPE's surface guarantee

HOPPE's surface guarantee

I. Guarantee

As manufacturer, we guarantee, under the conditions set forth below, the durability of properly-used HOPPE hardware, over and above the seller’s legal liability for material defects. The Resista® surface guarantee includes all defects which can be proved to have been caused through fault in manufacturing or material, for example when the surface is tarnished or discoloured (appearance of spots) or the protective surface has become separated from its base material, and not through improper use.


II. Guarantee Exclusions

All interchangeable parts, such as screws, connecting spindles and springs etc, are excluded from this guarantee. Furthermore, no liability will be assumed for any damage caused through:

  • unsuitable or improper use
  • incorrect or negligent treatment
  • disregard for instructions for fitting or care
  • alterations or repair by the enduser or a third party
  • chemical or physical agents, where the surface has been improperly treated, for example by sharp-edged instruments


III. Guarantee Conditions

This guarantee relates, within the guarantee period, solely to either replacing the handle free of charge or to repairing same free of charge, on behalf of the original enduser, this decision being at HOPPE’s discretion. Costs and expenses, postage and packaging and similar, as incurred by the complainant, shall not be reimbursed. Claim to guarantee shall only occur on presentation of the product itself and the receipt and shall not exceed the original purchase price.


IV. Guarantee period

The guarantee period shall be for 10 years and shall begin on the day of purchase by the original enduser. In the event of any claim, complainants should address themselves directly to the seller or manufacturer presenting both the product and the receipt.


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HOPPE Special Attribut "Resista®"