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I. General information
In parallel and in addition to the legal rights of the enduser arising from the purchase of HOPPE door and window hardware, we grant endusers a manufacturer’s guarantee on HOPPE door and window hardware in the scope described hereinafter.
For the purposes of this manufacturer’s guarantee, an “enduser” is every natural or legal person who owns the HOPPE product and who has not purchased it with the intention of installing it at or selling it on to third parties as part of a business operation.
“Initial Enduser” is an enduser who initially purchased the HOPPE product from HOPPE, a reseller or any other natural or legal person in order to install it at or sell it on to third parties as part of a business operation.


II. Guarantee scope
As a manufacturer, we guarantee endusers the flawless mechanical functioning of HOPPE door and window hardware. This operational guarantee applies to the following features of HOPPE door and window hardware:

  • Transmission of the rotary motion to the door lock or turn/tilt hardware of the window;
  • Connection between handle and the product it is fitted to;
  • With respect to window handles: keyed locking, push-to-open, SecuForte®, SecuSelect®, Secu100®, Secu200®, SecuDuplex®, SecuTBT® or Secustik® functions;
  • With respect to door handles: Sertos®, bathroom set or HCS® with locking mechanism functions;
  • With respect to security hardware: security function, cylinder cover;
  • Spring cassette (if installed ex-factory);
  • HOPPE Quick-Fit connection and the HOPPE Quick-FitPlus connection;
  • Transmission mechanism in the SecuSignal® window handles.

Our operational guarantee applies to HOPPE door and window hardware worldwide.

We grant the operational guarantee for a period of 10 years from date of purchase by the initial enduser.
All replaceable component parts, particularly screws, connecting spindles, snap rings and similar, as well as electronic components are expressly excluded from this operational guarantee. Moreover, the operational guarantee does not apply in the following cases:

  • Improper use;
  • Faulty installation;
  • Incorrect operation;
  • Non-observance of installation and care instructions;
  • Any unauthorised modifications or repairs to the product;
  • Chemical or physical damage of the mechanism and/or the material surface due to improper use, e.g. damage caused by sharp-edged objects or the unsuitable cleaning agents and aids;
  • Improperly adjusted doors and windows and/or their architectural hardware components (e.g. locks, hinges, turn/tilt hardware, frame and similar) that may put excessive strain on the fitted HOPPE door and window hardware;
  • Damage by force majeure or natural catastrophes.


III. Guarantee extent
Our guarantee applies, in the event that a defect in the mechanical functionality occurs within the guarantee period, solely to either the repair of the product for the enduser free of charge, or to the replacement of the product free of charge with suitable or equivalent hardware, this decision being at our discretion.
Costs and expenses incurred by the enduser for the installation and removal of the HOPPE product and for sending the product to HOPPE or the reseller are not covered by this guarantee.
The enduser can claim their rights under this guarantee by written notice of defects within the guarantee period to the reseller from whom the initial enduser purchased the product, or directly to us: HOPPE Holding AG, Via Friedrich Hoppe 6, 7537 Müstair, Switzerland.
The enduser shall also provide the faulty product as well as evidence that the defect in its mechanical functionality occurred within the guarantee period. This can be done by presenting the sales receipt for the purchase of the product by the initial enduser in particular. We therefore recommend keeping this in a safe place at least until the end of the guarantee period.


IV. Statutory rights
The enduser is entitled to their statutory rights in addition to their rights from this guarantee. Under certain circumstances, these rights can be more favourable for the enduser and are in no way restricted by this guarantee.
This guarantee also does not affect the rights of the initial enduser or, where applicable, of the enduser vis-à-vis the seller from whom the initial enduser purchased the product.


HOPPE Holding AG · Via Friedrich Hoppe 6 · 7537 Müstair · Switzerland