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Press release 01/2021

eHandle HandsFree for doors – contactless, convenient unlocking

Image 1: Spotlight
Image 1: Spotlight
File name: E5091GC-75NSB-ZA-PZ-F69+Lichtfeld-Motiv2.jpg
  • High levels of access comfort at the front door thanks to contactless unlocking of the motorised lock
  • Unlock by only moving a foot: it is no longer necessary to set down small children, bulky items, heavy bags, etc. when getting to the door
  • Encrypted communication and integrated security function in the architectural fitting protect from unauthorised access


The eHandle HandsFree for doors offers users exceptional convenience when getting to the front door: it makes it possible to unlock the front door without having to free up a hand. By simply swiping your foot across a spotlight on the ground directly below the architectural fitting, the motorised lock releases and the door can be opened. Thanks to the encrypted signal from a transponder the system automatically identifies whether the approaching person is authorised to enter.


Contactless unlocking of front doors

If a person with the appropriate transponder approaches the front door a spotlight appears on the ground below the pull handle. Then all they need to do is slightly move their foot or even an umbrella, walking stick or similar object through this spotlight and the motor lock unlocks the door, granting access.


Convenient access, even with your hands full

The eHandle HandsFree for doors makes access exceptionally convenient: It is now very easy to bring little children in your arms, bulky items or even lots of shopping bags into the house conveniently – there is no longer a need to tediously set anything down and search for keys at the front door.  Also, for people who depend on the use of walking aids, arriving at home becomes much easier.


Even more convenient interaction with automatic door openers

In conjunction with additional architectural hardware, for instance automatic door openers, door closers or swing door operators made by other manufacturers, make the eHandleHandsFree for doors from HOPPE even more convenient: companies like Rubner Türen from South Tyrol or the Swiss Safenwil door factory offer front doors where the eHandle HandsFree for doors is combined with electronic door operators. In this case the door not only opens contactlessly, but also automatically. This means the door swings open after having been unlocked and – depending on the type of operator – it can automatically close after the person has passed through. Consequently, the eHandle HandsFree for doors combines similar levels of convenience as the familiar contactless opening function of car boots.


Integrated security function

Communication between the transponder and the control unit is encrypted using state-of-the-art AES technology, thus offering a decisively higher degree of security than a standard key. Since the wireless detection radius is limited to one metre, communication is even more protected. The eHandle HandsFree for doors can additionally tell whether the transponder signal is coming from the inside or the outside – ruling out accidental door release from the inside.

Entrance areas at front doors can be very different: it is possible to choose from different light colours to enable good levels of visibility of the spotlight on different surfaces.


Simple fitting

Fitting an eHandle HandsFree for doors is no problem for installers: they are not forced to make any recesses in the door, but merely route a previously installed cable from the pull handle support to the motorised lock. Apart from this, eHandles HandsFree for doors are fitted by means of the familiar HOPPE pull handle fixing system.


Image 2: Pull handle on entrance door

Image 2: Pull handle on entrance door
File name: E5091GC-75NSB-ZA-PZ-F69-Motiv1.jpg



The HOPPE Group is the European market leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of architectural hardware systems for doors and windows. Founded in 1952, the family-run company based in Switzerland has around 2,800 employees worldwide. It is managed by Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe in the second generation, Christian Hoppe being the first representative of the third generation to be active since 2012.

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