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HCS® – HOPPE Compact System

HCS® – HOPPE Compact System

The HOPPE Compact System – HCS® for short – is a compact lock and hardware system for the home and office. Its special feature is that it combines door hardware, lock and various keyed and non-keyed locking functions in a single, unique product. The HCS® range offers a large choice for interior doors. Discover the wide selection of versions, materials, designs and finishes. Give your interior doors a truly special feature with the unique HOPPE Compact System.



  • is a unique product developed by HOPPE
  • is ideal for wood, glass and partition doors for the home
  • can be fitted in less than a minute
  • comprises door hardware, lock and locking function in one




HCS® consists of the following five components:

1. System core with integrated handle set (for rebated or flush doors)
2. Latch set (bolt and tube)
3. Decorative rings (in various thicknesses to suit various door thicknesses)
4. Clip-in components (for various keyed and non-keyed locking functions)
5. Strike plates (for rebated and flush doors)




There are four HCS® versions:

a. Passage: for doors which do not need to be locked (without clip-in components)
b. Non-keyed locking (SK/OL-15): for doors which need to be locked such as bathrooms or toilets.
    Clip-in components: emergency release (exterior) and turn button (interior)
c. Keyed/non-keyed locking (15/OL-15): for doors which need to be locked by key from the outside such
    as bedrooms or studies. Clip-in components: keyed cylinder (exterior) and turn button (interior)
d. Keyed locking (15/15): for doors which need to be locked by key such as offices.
    Clip-in components: keyed cylinder (exterior and interior)