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Internships and theses

Internships and theses

Internships for students

Students facing the decision on whether they want to pursue an occupation that requires formal training may wish to try it out first, to see whether the career they have in mind lives up to their own expectations.

We offer students from secondary schools and colleges the opportunity to do a suitable internship at our Stadtallendorf, Bromskirchen or Crottendorf sites. During these “taster” weeks, interns will have the chance to gain a practical understanding of their chosen career by watching and contributing. In addition, they will be able to gain a good first impression of possible future jobs.

Students from vocational schools and colleges are able to do a one-year internship at HOPPE in technical or commercial areas of the company.



Internship for occupational orientation

Applicants from agencies, such as career development centres, the employment office and regional job centres, gain an insight that will help them with their occupational orientation or reorientation.



Study placement

HOPPE offers (prospective) students the opportunity to complete both a compulsory internship before the course begins, as specified in the conditions of study, and voluntary or compulsory internships during the period of study.



Degree thesis

If you are in the final stages of your studies, you will receive up-to-date tasks that relate to your subject area and to operational practice.
After you have acquired the essential knowledge on the corresponding processes in our company, you will generally work on a project. We then either integrate you into an existing team or give you the responsibility for your own tasks.



Work-study programme/StudiumPlus

By working together with universities and colleges using these innovative study concepts, HOPPE is able to offer the chance to combine theory and practice. Students are enrolled at a university and have an employment contract with a company at the same time.



Site Contact

Stadtallendorf (DE)



Mr. Rene Raabe
Am Plausdorfer Tor 13
D-35260 Stadtallendorf 
Tel.: +49 6428 932-259 

Bromskirchen (DE)

Mr. Eckhard Völlmecke
Am Bahnhof 1
D-59969 Bromskirchen
Tel.: +49 2984 309-258

Crottendorf (DE)



Ms. Lisa Schmutzler
Scheibenberger Straße 33a
D-09474 Crottendorf 
Tel.: +49 37344 764-144