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eHandle HandsFree for doors

eHandle HandsFree for doors – Convenient contactless opening


HOPPE expertise for smart homes: The eHandle HandsFree for doors allows you to unlock your front door even with your hands full. As they approach the door, authorised individuals are automatically detected by an encrypted signal emitted by a transponder in the shape of a key fob.


eHandle HandsFree for doors – pull handle with spotlightA spotlight on the ground indicates that the approaching person is authorised to enter the house. All they have to do to disengage the front door’s motorised lock is to move their foot across the spotlight – contactless convenience.


An integrated safety feature prevents you from unintentionally disengage the motorised lock from inside. You can set the spotlight to different colours to ensure that it is clearly visible on any kind of ground surface. The control unit for access is located in the inside half set.


It is easy for the installer to assemble, as no extra cut-out is necessary.



Technical data

  • HOPPE pull handle E5091GC
  • Any type of motorised lock can be used
  • Up to 500 transponders programmable
  • Coverage of the transponder: approx. 1 m
  • Distance from the end of the lower pull handle to the ground: min. 20 cm, max. 50 cm
  • Available lengths: 100 cm; 120 cm; 140 cm; 160 cm
  • Spotlight: can be set to white, blue, green, red
  • Protection class: IP 44


(as at 09/2019)